Eat, drink & train… and you will SURVIVE THE SILLY SEASON!

Eat, drink & train… and you will SURVIVE THE SILLY SEASON!

We know it’s a socially busy, exciting and indulgent time of year – you’ve worked so hard all year (we hope) so we don’t expect you to survive solely on green juice and celery sticks. But here are just a few tips to help you get through potential over indulgence & feel a little less guilty…

1) Drink Water Water Water…and a Mojito?!!
Yes, we know you will drink Alcohol; so keep hydrated. Aim for 2L water daily because water will help your body flush out extra toxins; and helps to break down the extra sugars and fats you eat. Dehydration can present in ways such as feeling lethargic – which is when we are tempted to eat sugary things (thinking we need an energy hit, instead of just thirsty). Add some soda water, lime and mint and you might (almost) convince yourself you are having a Mojito in between your usual drinks.

2) Exercise twice a week for 30 mins
Keep moving & your mind and body will thank you. When you exercise, you feel better. When you feel better, you are more motivated to eat better. When you eat better, you have the energy to exercise…..Keep this healthy habit going as much as you can this time of year. Something that gets the heart rate for 30 minutes will do it.

3) Start the day by blending away
Enjoy smoothies! They can help hydrate you and you can combine lots of nutritious; cleansing ingredients for a healthy start to the day. Have fresh berries/watermelon, mangoes etc on hand for flavour; add a combo of yoghurt, oats and/or skim milk for a more complete ‘meal’. Or simply sparkling water/ice as your base for a refreshing juice with mint, lemon or limes.

3) Don’t skip meals – you will end up eating more
Don’t skip breakfast with the plan on having a massive lunch. Try and keep to regular eating patterns to stabilise your blood sugar levels and prevent ‘binge’ eating; even if you know you are going out later on for a meal you normally wouldn’t eat such as Xmas lunch or a restaurant catch up. Avoid feeling ‘ravenous’ before an event or you will overeat on the usual highly processed nibbles & cheese.

4) Eat HEAPS of berries
Now in season! They are a yummy source of antioxidants and packed with vitamin C. Enjoy fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries as a naturally sweet snack for energy hit.

5) Go easy on the Carbs.
Prevent feeling sluggish by eating less bread, pasta, pastries and ‘white flour’ based foods; if you are going to attempt to change or reduce anything in your diet at this time of year – this would be the best change. Of course a small amount is fine, but reducing the amount of carbohydrates will reduce that bloated feeling and the amount of sugar you eat.

6) Finally… enjoy Christmas!
Don’t add to extra stress with promises to yourself that are really difficult to keep. Instead of feeling stressed and guilty for breaking your promises, allow yourself to indulge a little-it is Christmas after all! A balance is so important.
Just do your best to not feel guilty the next day – you know what to do – ‘or not’ to do! Plus we know we’ll see you back training more in the New Year… Merry Christmas!!