How to stick to your New Years fitness and weight loss resolutions


  1. Write it down and measure it

We all think about doing things but writing it down is the first step of putting a plan into action.  Put it on your fridge, a reminder in your phone and anywhere you will see it. Writing down your goals can also help you figure out the exact steps needed to get there. “I want to lose weight” is a pretty common New Year’s resolution, but how exactly do you go from point A to point B? Instead, try setting a more specific goal. For instance: “I want to lose 5kgs over the next six weeks by eliminating fast food meals and going to the gym three times per week.

  1. Make it manageable

Your resolution shouldn’t be a dream! The key is to make small changes gradually. Think about what fits into your current lifestyle and then over time you will be able to make more changes. There’s no point putting pressure on yourself to exercise everyday if you are a busy mum with young kids.

  1. Consider the health benefits

Weight loss is such a common New Year’s resolution amongst women and we can sometimes forget to consider the other health benefits exercise and healthy eating brings. If you have any health conditions (high blood pressure, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances ) consider a trip to your GP to find out the best course of action to manage or improve these conditions. Existing health conditions can impact upon our ability to lose weight and there are other gains to be made from exercise before we see results.

  1. Ask for Help

Fitness qualified staff (Instructors, Gym Floor and Personal Trainers) have all studied to be able to help you achieve your fitness and weight  goals. Not knowing how to do a certain exercise is no excuse to avoid it completely.  Book a session with a qualified trainer to get advice, help prevent injury, and feel supported. Trainers and instructors are there to help, so please don’t be self-conscious about asking for advice

 5. Try Early Morning exercise

Early  mourning exercise is a convenient way for some to fit a workout into a busy day, and can encourage healthier eating through the day. However you do have to make your fitness routine work for you: Choose a time of day when you have energy and can schedule a workout. Put it in your calendar as you would a Doctor’s appointment. You wouldn’t skip a Dr’s appointment would you?

  1. Mix it up

If your resolution is to exercise more often  make sure there  variety in your exercise program. It will be more fun to follow and you will more likely continue with it. The best way to try a new form of exercise is to take a group class or book a session with a personal trainer—think of the extra cost as an investment in your health.

  1. Tell someone what your goal is!

Sharing with a partner, friend or trainer at your gym is the verbal way of writing it down and you might find sharing with someone means you’ll actually try stick to it. They may be the ones that help you commit to your goal and you may find yourself inspiring someone else to join in!

  1. Choose the Right Technology

There are so many apps and gadgets out there for those that enjoy being part of a wider fitness community and like the idea of sharing goals. Myfitnesspal and Strava are two examples of apps that help track progress and you share your activity with an online community.

If gadgets are not your thing, consider the simpler pleasures: a playlist of your favourite music. Create a 30 minute list with one song at the end for stretching and before you know it your 30 minutes is done. It’s that easy to get started J

  1. Buy some new exercise gear

The fitness apparel industry has exploded over the last few years and there are so many options available suiting all shapes and sizes.  Invest in some new exercise clothing that you feel comfortable in and want to wear.

  1. Reward yourself!

Choose a reward that won’t undo your hard work: a manicure, pedicure, a massage (they’re good for you!), some new fitness clothes! Small treats can help you reach those milestones faster than you previously thought possible. If weight loss is a goal try to avoid using food as a reward. Remember food is your fuel, and we want you to feel good after eating, not worse when you have worked so hard on your exercise goal.

Good luck! A happier, healthier and active 2017 to you.