Hydration for Health

It’s simple, it’s accessible to us all and best yet, it’s FREE! Drinking water to stay hydrated is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, especially whilst exercising in the warmer months. You’ve heard it before but it’s a simple reminder we often need to ensure we are feeling our best and treating our body to the healthiest habit we can give.

Whether it’s getting warm and sweaty in a spin class, a medium intensity Zumba class or improving flexibility in Yoga drinking enough water is important for everyone.

We all know that feeling of zapped energy levels, an annoying headache and dry mouth as your day continues. Dizziness or stomach cramps in more severe cases..It could simply be a case of not drinking enough during and after your workout and starting to experience dehydration.

So how much? During exercise at least a standard bottle (approx. 600ml) and another within an hour of your training session (to replace what you have sweated out).

Add in another litre or so of plain water throughout the day (tea/coffee not included!) to regulate your body temperature and ensure your blood cells can deliver what they need to around your body… more water and healthy blood to your organs! Staying hydrated helps to flush out toxins and waste from your body and prevent uncomfortable conditions such as bladder infections.

Other great ways to increase the amount of water you are consuming include:

-Eating high water content foods such as watermelon, cucumber and strawberries

– Make your own ice blocks with coconut water, fresh fruit juice and lemon

– Herbal teas are AOK – they do not contain caffeine and thus are not a diuretic

With highly strenuous exercises or those days you feel you need ‘something more’ – avoid the extra coffee, energy drinks or sugary smoothies.  Even invest in some ‘Hydralyte’ – an electrolyte formula to help replace those extra salts you may have lost during sweating and need replacing. Mix with some cold plain water and you have a hydrating drink.

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